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Annual KIDSAFE CT Car Show


Since 1981, KIDSAFE CT has worked for the Prevention, Intervention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect. The organization is a charitable non-profit agency funded by Connecticut area Exchange Clubs, private donors and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. It is part of a network of centers established by the National Exchange Club Foundation for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

KIDSAFE CT’s Programs & Services

The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) Program is a Department of Children and Families and private funded program.  KIDSAFE’S
Triple P Program was formally known as the Parent-Aide Program serving families for more than thirty years.

The program provides home-based intervention and prevention services, including advocacy and education to families whose children are at risk of child abuse and/or neglect.  Triple P Specialists are trained in providing parent education on topics of child development, discipline and home management skills to families with children up to the age of 18.

Supervised Visitation services are available to families where non-custodial parents may visit with their children only with professional supervision.

In addition to the above programs, KIDSAFE CT has a series of workshops designed to prevent child abuse and neglect. These Parenting Workshops include Parenting Piece by Piece, Anger Management for children and adults, Cooperative Parenting and Divorce, Parenting Journey I & II, Strengthening Families and Stress Management.

Family/Couples/Individual Counseling. We focus on the positive, what is going right and capitalize on strengths while addressing development opportunities.

KIDSAFE CT has developed an Outreach Program for at-risk youth residing in the Rockville area. The program includes a Drop-In Center that provides the youth with a safe, drug free alternative to the streets.

We are also providing One-On-One Mentors for youth in foster or residential homes in the local communities.

KIDSAFE CT works to help families at risk of abuse or neglect of their children and families already experiencing problems of abuse or neglect. We are currently serving Connecticut families in Vernon/Rockville, Tolland, South Windsor, Stafford, Ellington, Bolton, Manchester, East Hartford, Glastonbury, Hebron, Andover, and Marlborough. Families of all ethnic origins and income levels are involved. Whenever possible, both parents are included in KIDSAFE CT’s programs.

In the last fiscal year KIDSAFE CT served over 700 children and adults in Connecticut.