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Annual KIDSAFE CT Car Show


There will be a beautiful view of various makes and models of vehicles on the afternoon of August 22.
Collectors and show participants dedicate an A LOT of time, money and energy restoring and maintaining these vehicles.
For some it is a labor of love and a passion they have for automobile history.
While these vehicles are meant to be enjoyed by our guests visiting the car show, there are several
etiquette points that should be addressed.

Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and scooters are not allowed beyond the gate to the car show.
We would not want any accidental damage happening to these wonderful reminders of history.

Non-car show staff operated golf carts may not be operated within the viewing area.

We suggest that your pets be left at home. We wouldn’t want a very excited pet
(who loves vintage vehicles like we all do) to damage the finish.

Food or beverage should not be placed on any vehicle.

Please do not sit on, lean on or touch the show cars.


Thank you for your understanding and consideration in advance.